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    Welcome to  Funlifestories.com
a.k.a.  funlifestory.com or rljeffers.com
Thanks for visiting funlifestory.com.  The purpose of this site is to recognize some hard working folks who work with me to accomplish a large number of corporate actions.  Without their support our being able to achieve of all these actions would be quite difficult. So, in an effort to have some fun sometimes, please feel free to read the "funlifestory" of several of these great folks.   Also, this is not an inclusive list of folks as there are many others that are a part of the team.    RLJ

Michael M and Rich S.

Michael & Rich can't leave

The Pension Man

Rich S. Life Story

Jim F. Life Story

Mike G Life Story

Michael M. Life Story

Michele W. Life Story

Steve M. Life Story

Greg J.

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Hi Marlborough.Boston Rock Folks...
Please vote for your favorites.  The winner gets a business trip to Houston at their company's expense to work day and night to accomplish over 100 projects at the same time. So vote early and vote plenty.
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Michael and Rich
Mike G. life story
Michael M. life story
The Pension  Man
Rich S. life story
Jim F. life story
Steve M. life story
Greg J life story
Michele W life story

Please note that this site and stories are provided in the spirit of friendship and are not intended to depict real events.  How could you ever imagine they would depict real events in the first place.  Are you drunk or something?
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Thanks Team in Marlborough...
On April 9, 2004 our little grandson, Joey, died of SIDS.  A sad time for sure.  We celebrate Joey's short life with his own special website at   babyjoey.org     Thanks.   babyjoey.org

Great News:  Kade was born in April 2005 and is doing fantastic.