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Michele W Life Story
We knew Michele was a special child the day she was born.  By looking at her you could tell that this little girl knew what she wanted in life.  She learned everything quickly, including crawling, walking and talking.  What a great kid.
Michele was a determined little girl.  When she decided she wanted something she would always seem to get it.
Anything from skates, to a bicycle, to a hamster, whatever. She could manage money better than a banker. 
At the age of eleven Michele decided she would become a professional balloonist and a photographer.  So when she told us she was going to save money to buy a balloon, how were we to know it was a real hot air balloon (picture of her heart's balloon is on the left).  She told us she was going to get her balloon and we really thought she was going to the store to buy some kind of inflated balloon.   A couple hours later we heard people in front of our house and when we looked at them they were pointing up in the air.  We ran out of the house and up above our house was our eleven years old daughter in her new heart hot air balloon.  What a kid.
After Michele graduated from college she 
took on several jobs including consulting, HR management, and other related functions.  Eventually, she decided to go
into the construction business and built fast food
restaurants.  With her background in money management
and project planning her business really took off.  But she wanted a family.  So, she met this guy name Dave and soon were married.  Dave was a top notch oil trader.
They had two little girls and Michele decided that the construction business was too much with the babies at the same time.  So she sold the business and decided to dedicate her next few years to the two kids. 
Taking care of two girls is a great job, but Michele really wanted more so she got into the bird business.  She now
raises hawks and sells them.  That's my girl.
Hey Michele, I bet you don't remember some of
these things in your life.  Maybe a couple items
might be a little different than real life.  Pop.