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The Richard S. - Life Story
This is the life story of a special man, Richard S.   We'll just call him Rich.  When Rich was a small boy he dreamed of being a chemist.  He wanted to put things together and see how they worked. So, with a few dollars he earned from cleaning rabbit cages at the local zoo, he bought his first chemistry kit.  Wow, did he have fun.
He mixed several product lines together to see if he could make a real neat chemical mixture.  First he started with a little bit of DC, then he put in two drops of H&W and finally finished it with 6 tubes of DB.  When he finished, it blew up his garage and Rich has never been the same since...
After recovering for over a year in the hospital, Rich decided
he would run away and join the circus and become a clown.
He actually did a pretty good.  He would make the kids laugh, and brought in the crowds.  But, something was missing from his life and he knew he needed more.
So, he ran away from the circus and joined his family
(strange turn of events wouldn''t you say).  With his chemistry and clown background Rich didn't really have a lot of job skills in his small hometown. So, what else could he do but become a professional football player.
Rich wasn't really good at football.  His team mates really gave him a hard time. Once during a real big game some of them stuck a sign on his back that said "kick me" .
Now Rich is a fairly smart guy and realized it was time to move on to something else.  Football and Rich, just weren't a real good team.  Down deep, Rich began longing for something where he could put things together, like he did with his chemistry set...
Then it happened.  He and his wife decided to take a trip into the deserts of Arizona to learn the "truth" and what was Rich's destiny.  Late one evening, while shooting wild turkeys, a bright light appeared to Rich from the Heavens.  He heard a voice say, lead them into an integrated and happy unit.  Stop the issues with bad data, teach them to talk to each other, help them communicate and make the customers happy.     As fast at the light appeared, it was gone.  Rich was shocked.   His wife said, what the heck was that?  Rich said, it must have been some kinda sign or something.  Then the light came back again and said "Go to the Marlborough Rock my son.. just go to the rock".
So Rich and his family headed across country and then up the sea coast towards Mass.  Soon Rich found the Marlborough rock.  He soon learned why he had been a chemist, a clown and a football player...It prepared him for the biggest challenge in his life, to integrate the
product lines at the rock....

Hey Rich.  Bet you didn't know I knew all about
your ealier life.   Not sure how I found out, but
sure is interesting.  I've sent the website to all the talk shows.  You should be getting some calls soon. RJ