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Mike G. - Life Story
  The Stock Options King
Mike was a great kid.  He loved going to the park and setting in his "special chair".  Even at a very young age he
had ambitions to really succeed in life.  He had no idea in what but he would just set in his little chair and think about the future, whatever it was...
At the age of 13, Mike became very interested in stock animals.  He especially liked horses and cows and dreamed of a day when he would own a complete stock yard.  He wasn't sure why he liked the stock idea but something just kept telling him that this was his destiny...stock.
One night he had a terrible nightmare.  He dreamed he had achieved ownership of the biggest stock yard in the U.S. and was working on his computer putting together his stock inventory.  When all of a sudden, his computer got real hot and actually melted right in front of poor Mike.   The shock of the dream woke him up and he awakened to the reality it wasn't animal stock he desired, but common stock, shares, ownership in real companies. Wow, his real life's destiny became clear because of the melting computer.   Who can figure why, but things just happen in life.  Accept it.
So to get started Mike decided to buy a stock in a laptop computer manufacture that had this neat new laptop. Mike
sold everything and bought many shares in the new company.   He didn't make the decision unwisely but unfortunately, the new laptop was a real bomb and the company went bankrupt.   Mike lost it all.   But determined to overcome his one error in his life (his first and only), he decided to become a full fledged stock broker at a well known company.   He did great and was soon promoted to a position of creating new stock plans for companies.
It's funny how life turns out, but Mike's first big account was with a stock yard that specialized in horses.  With his prior experience he could really relate to the owner and created the best darn stock purchase plan in the horse industry.  Quite a guy to say the least..
It's no wonder with all this background that Mike has done such a great job in supporting the big Texas Company in the stock options and stock purchase area.  Thanks Mike.  RJ
I will only talk with
Mike to exercise my
stock options. Go get him.
Here Rover, wanta option, wanta option
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