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Bruce the Pension Man
A Tribute to a Great Guy
Bruce O is a guy who knows how to party, but can really get the work done at the same time.  He loves the world of pensions and particularly, pension payouts, annuities, lump sums, etc..  Get a life Bruce!

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Hey, look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane,  no
it's the Pension Man.   He comes from a small city where no one even knows what a pension really is.. He takes numbers and converts them to annuities.  The pension Man.    Our Hero.
To hear the life story of the pension man click below:
Hey Pension Man
God, please help the pension man.
Pick it up quick,  Pension problem calling
What do you mean that our charts
are jumping up and down.  Stupid
Oh No, what do you mean I've been sentenced to 100 years running the Pension Group for those Houston Folks....

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