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The Steve Marrow Life Story
Steve's early years were filled with excitement and fun and probably set the base for his future career.  Steve's dad
was a wonderful guy who was a consulting expert for a model plane manufacturer.  He loved little planes and really loved the idea of being able to set down with the toy companies and consult with them about their products. 
Little Steve admired his dad and decided at a young age that the consulting life was his dream.  Actually, was kind of strange for a three year old, but hey, Steve's a special guy.  Also, Steve was raised on a chicken farm, hence the
little chicks all over this website....
Steve loved sports in his early years.  In fact he became a world class bicycle racer.  He loved bicycle racing so much that he temporarily forgot about his lifelong dream to become a consultant.  In fact, he really wanted to just race bikes for the rest of his life and dropped out of school at the age of 12 to pursue his new dream. 
When Steve was about 14 years old he began to realize that being a world class bike racer might be a problem as he got older. He began to think about a 50 years old guy riding a little bike in a circle racing kids and he woke up to the reality he needed to make a change.  So, he got a phone call from a major university who had heard about him through a bike racing magazine.  They were impressed with his motivation, plus did I mention that Steve was a boy genius.   So, they offered him a full scholarship and Steve headed to the University to fulfill his dream of being a consultant.  More below...
Now you are probably wondering about the hen pepper shaker and Steve.  Well, Steve went to the university and his major was consulting. Consulting in what?  To be honest, he was a little puzzled about what?  So, he learned about everything he could.   After graduating from college his first consulting job was with a salt and pepper shaker manufacture.   Steve was brilliant.  The company was struggling but thanks to Steve's consulting ideas, they came up with the hen pepper shaker.  What a hit.  It sold like pancakes and made the company rich and launched Steve to the consulting peak.
Steve got a job with a nice little consulting company in the Boston area.  It was later acquired by a company we affectionately are calling the
Marlborough Rock.  A great company with dreams of the future in every thought.  Steve, now had an opportunity to show the world the kinda
consulting guy he was because of access to so many clients.  So from the humble beginnings of
to the peak of consulting heaven, Steve continues to demonstrate what stars are made of.....

May the Consulting Force be with you Steve..
Bye Bye...Come back soon