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Michael M. Life Story
Michael M. was born a special child.  Within just a few months after he was born he began to display unusual
talents for resolving issues between his parents.   In addition, he became obsessed with setting up little project plans and made sure his parents made their deadlines.
Whenever he couldn't achieve his objectives he would set on the floor and cry and cry.  Eventually, due to the continued noise, his parents would give in to him and follow his project plan.  It was a very unique childhood to say the least.
As Michael entered his teens he began to really love going to the zoo.   He loved looking at the Panda Bear.  But, he also liked the other animals and would stay hours at the zoo just observing their movements.  He begin to think how he could build a relationship with each animal.  So, he got a job as an animal caretaker.   His goal was to develop a special relationship with each animal and help them grow in their own special ways.  Michael worked wonders at the zoo,  the animals had never been happier and once achieved, Michael decided it was time to move on to bigger challenges.
Michael went on to Harvard and Yale.    His relationship talents did him well and he achieved at virtually everything he ever did.  But with such success what's left to challenge
this special guy.  So one day, he got that special telephone call from the Marlborough Rock.   They offered him a job
as (you guessed it) a Relationship Manager.   Wow, right
down Michael's alley... So, the real fun began.
After getting on the job, his new boss said "
deserve the best accounts at the Firm.  So, you get the
big oil company and a couple other neat companies to work your magic.   "The Michael M. Relationship Manager Magic" really got started at this point.....

Well, Michael proved all of them right.  He took on the challenge and created the most positive relationship in the history of the Marlborough Rock.  Teams working together day and night making things happen.   More work than Michael could ever pray for had fallen on him.  A truly lucky guy. 

Why did this happen?   Cause some people are just down right blessed by the Relationship Gods, and Michael is certainly one of them......
Thanks for all the support....RLJ