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Greg J Life Story
Greg was a wonderful child.   He never caused any problems and even in his early years was dedicated to making a success out of his life.  He learned to crawl at just 3 weeks.   He had mastered the English language at 1 year and by 3 he was an Internet expert.  What a kid!  The Internet thing was really amazing considering the Internet had just got started at the time.
Greg loves sports of all kind.  Around 7 years old he became a bicycle racer, skate board expert, but most of all a snowboard expert.  He could ride the biggest mountains. Really an amazing thing to watch.  The only challenge he had was finding a mountain covered with snow considering he was living in Texas, Louisiana and Alabama during this period. 
After Greg learned to drive we bought him a beautiful ford pick up truck with a camper top.   He was the hit of the town, at least we thought so.  He was really proud of pulling into the high school parking lot with his camper top loaded Ford pickemup truck.  We never understood why he sold the truck as soon as he had enough money to buy a car himself and got a red Mustang GT Convertible....Different tastes I guess.
Greg graduated from college with a degree in Finance, Business, Accounting, Systems Integration, Internet Development Theory and animal breeding behaviors.  Plus a secondary degree in Firefighting.  So, one of the jobs he took early on to help the community was as a volunteer fireman.   He loved driving the firetruck and helping folks in need.  What a kid!lick here to add your text.
After firefighting Greg took on several different jobs including working for a plastics forms manufacture,  a computer systems design components company, a major internet design and implementation company, a major energy company, and an oil drilling company.  Greg has developed expertise in many current areas and is highly sought after by many major corporations.   That's my boy.....k here to add your text.
The greatest accomplishment in Greg's life is when he married Michelle and had two beautiful children, Nick and Claire.  The picture to the right was taken at our annual dress up day at the beach.  The beard is a fake but looked good.