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The purpose of this website is to provide a place for Michael M.  and Richard S. to visit when they feel the stress of dealing with their daily fun duties.  Fun stuff to do and a nice place to visit.  To my pals, Michael and Rich...  One of your favorite clients....
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Hey Michael and Rich, having a good day?
What motorcycle. oh no Mr. R.
Oh God, thanks for giving me the big S accounts.  We are so blessed that we must have done something right in a prior life. We also loved the challenge of daily changes.... Again, thanks God....
Quarterly Survey data?
The creator of this page is not reponsible for the mental, physical, emotional, or whatever state of the two people honored by this website.  If they have any complaints they need to call the 1800-helpme   number for additional help.  We promise to get back within the 7 days demanded by the contract.
Hey, Michael,
you leave, we cancel the contract. get the point... Neither you are Rich can ever leave your jobs.  We love you.
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Hi Guys!
This is how Michael and Rich will look after working with us for 10 years.  Maybe sooner!
Michael and Rich, your picture!

Michael's good and bad days survey
This day is great!
This day was ok.
This day was marginal
This day was pretty bad
Welcome to Walmart, can I help you....kinda day

Richard's good and bad days survey
This day is great?
This day was ok.
This day was marginal
This day was pretty bad
Welcome to Walmart, can I help you...kinda day

Michael's and Richard's survey.   Now, anyone can vote if you can measure how their day went.  Simply click on the appropriate circle and submit your vote. 
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Houston. com

Archie Comics

Michael and Rich resting after a hard
day" Go to bottom to see their pictures when they started with Ron and Jerry
A rest area at Marlborough
Hey Rich, try    You might find that your ancesters managed an outsourced horse stable in the 1700's.   Or maybe Michael's ancesters were relationship managers between  Columbus and the sailmakers service providers.....
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These guys are Outsourcing Gods!
Michael and Rich are Gods of Outsourcing and it's just a big honor to even know these two special guys.  They can handle any problem at anytime.  They are my heroes.
This website in done in fun and appreciation of the work done by both Michael and Rich for our company.  They are dedicated to making things work right and we couldn't ask for better people to support us.  Thanks guys and keep smiling.   RJ.
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Can't Leave Ever.